Three survivors pose with cup

After the defeat in the 1910 semi-final against Newcastle, Swindon were invited to compete for the Dubonnet Cup with the team that lost to Newcastle in the final, Barnsley. Both clubs sent full-strength squads for the match, the only noticeable absentee was the regular Town forward Freddy Wheatcroft, who played in the semi-final. The match was played in Paris on 5th May 1910.

During the match, the cup was guarded by soldiers on either side, both with rifles and fixed bayonet. Two goals from the legendary Harold Fleming sealed a win for the Town, and team captain Charlie Bannister collected the trophy.

After the game, the Swindon players celebrated at a theatre performance, before the Town director, Mr. H.W. Thomas sang the old tune "Sally in our Alley".

The picture above was taken in 1966, and shows the three surviving players from the squad that went to Paris - Jock Walker, Bob Jefferson and Tommy Bolland - posing with the trophy.


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The squad the won the Dubonnet Cup, the Southern League championship, and the Southern Charity Cup during 1910 and 1911.
The squad that won the Dubonnet Cup

Jock Walker, Bob Jefferson and Tommy Bolland, three survivors of the cup winning squad, pose with the trophy in 1966.
Three survivors pose with cup