The Western League trophy

Swindon joined the Western League in 1897, to increase the number of competitive fixtures they were playing. The following season, they won their first league title, beating teams such as Bristol St.George, Southampton, Bristol Rovers and Bedminster (who later formed Bristol City) to the title.

The picture shows the current Western League championship trophy - it is unknown if this is the trophy the Town would have lifted.

As more teams joined the Southern League, the Western League became less important, and Swindon resigned from the league at the end of the 1901/1902 season, after finishing bottom of the table for two consecutive seasons. The Town then used the competition for their reserve side, who competed in the second division of the league until 1905.

Swindon's reserve team then rejoined and resigned from the league many times, and winning the second division title on three occasions, in 1933, 1935 and 1936. They finally resigned from the league in 1949, being replaced by a Town Colts team for three years.