Friday, 28th April, 1911


   At Craven Cottage, Fulham, on Thursday afternoon, these Southern League teams met for the third time in six days, the occasion being the final for the Southern Charity Cup, in which the pair had contested for a couple of hours on Monday at the same arena without either side being able to secure a goal. The weather was showery and gusty, but the ground in better condition than earlier in the week, thanks to the welcome rainfall. The match yielded far more lively football than on Monday, and a definite result was arrived at, Swindon winning by a goal to love. The score was obtained by Bown about five minutes before the interval from a centre by Wheatcroft from the goal line, but it was averred by the Brightonians, who were last season's winners, that the ball had passed over the goal line. The referee, however, after consultation with the linesman, who was no other than Mr V. J. Woodward, pointed to the centre.
   Neither club was fully represented, Swindon lacking their usual right wing pair, Jefferson and Fleming, whilst Brighton made one alteration from Monday, viz., at centre forward, where Stott replaced Smith. There were about 1,500 spectators present when the game was started, Swindon first defending the Putney goal. Each had several escapes from disaster prior to the score referred to, Jones heading in from a centre from Hastings, and Silto conceding a corner, whilst Stott looked like going through on another occasion, when Skiller ran out, fielded, dodged his opponent, and cleared. On change of ends, Brighton made numerous determined attempts to equalise, and Webb made three fine shots, but without the desired result. Mabberley, at the other end, put wide from a fine effort by Lamb, but the concluding portion was marred by considerable feeling and several mishaps and free kicks, a couple awarded to Brighton being given as on the verge of the penalty area. In the last five minutes a couple of corners were forced by the holders but they could not get the ball through, and Swindon won a hard, if not great game by a goal to love. The trophy and medals were presented by Miss Adrienne Augarde. Teams:
   Swindon Town: Skiller, goal; Kay and Walker, backs; Tout, Bannister and Silto, half backs; Mabberley, Rushton, Wheatcroft, Bown and Lamb, forwards.
   Brighton and Hove Albion: Crinson, goal; Lumley and Routledge, backs; Booth, Wake and Haworth, half backs; Longstaff, Jones, Stott, Webb and Hastings, forwards.
   Referee: Mr G. W. Verge.  Linesmen: Messrs V. J. Woodward and J. A. Lambie.


   1901-2, Tottenham Hotspur; 1902-3, Portsmouth; 1903-4, Millwall; 1904-5, Tottenham Hotspur and Reading (joint holders); 1905-6, Woolwich Arsenal; 1906-7, Tottenham Hotspur; 1907-8, Southampton; 1908-9, Brentford; 1909-10, Brighton and Hove Albion; 1910-11, Swindon Town.