Friday, 28th April, 1911


   The long-drawn-out character of the Southern Charity Cup Competition was further exemplified at Craven Cottage, Fulham, on Monday, when Swindon and Brighton and Hove met in the final before some 3,000 spectators, and after 120 minutes' play had to retire with nothing scored. On the form shown they might have gone on for a further period of the same length without obtaining goals, for the attackers on both sides, bothered by the heat, the lively ball, the hard ground, and the brisk breeze, could never master the defence. Brighton had the bigger share of the game territorially, but Walker's play proved a rare stumbling block for them, and they finished as weakly as did their opponents, the result arrived as being perhaps as little unsatisfactory as any other.
   Swindon had the wind behind them at the start, but they scarcely made the most use of it, and Brighton's early attacks threatened the greater danger, Webb and Longstaff making praiseworthy efforts to score. Fleming worked several openings for Swindon, but was well watched, while on both sides, the shooting was very poor. There was little cleverness in the football, while even its redeeming feature of keenness was marred by a few nasty fouls. Crossing over with nothing scored, Brighton set up a brisk attack on the resumption, but the play soon became ragged again with occasional stoppages owing to injuries. Swindon re-arranged their forward line, Fleming going to centre instead of Burkinshaw, without, however, any immediate improvement in the matter of combination. The Swindon goal had a narrow escape when Skiller went down to a dropping shot from Longstaff, and missed the ball, which bounced over the crossbar; and them came some improvement in the marksmanship, Crinson saving from Jefferson, while Longstaff and Webb went close for Brighton. The seasiders had most of the play, but their goal looked once in peril when Fleming broke away, Crinson neatly saving his shot, and this was about the last clear-cut incident in a scrambling ninety minutes.
   Half an hour of extra time was played, but still without the scoring of a solitary goal, though Jefferson and Fleming for Swindon and Longstaff for Brighton might have found the net with a little luck. And so, with the result a pointless draw.
   Miss Gertie Miller, who had attended the match for the purpose of presenting the cup and medals, was denied that pleasure. The replay will take place on the Tottenham Hospur ground on Thursday next. Teams:
   Swindon: Skiller, goal; Kay and Walker, backs; Rushton, Morrison and Silto, half backs; Jefferson, Fleming, Burkinshaw, Bown and Bolland, forwards.
   Brighton and Hove: Crinson, goal; Routledge and Lumley, backs; Haworth, Wake and Booth, half backs; Longstaff, Jones, Smith, Webb and Hastings, forwards.
   Referee, Mr G. W. Verge.