Saturday, 19th March, 1887


SWINDON TOWN v. TROWBRIDGE - This match, to settle which was the best team in Wiltshire, was played at Trowbridge before a large and enthusiastic crowd on Saturday last. A great deal of interest was taken in this match at Swindon, and there was a good sprinkling of Swindonians present, you could hear them at times encouraging their efforts at different times during the game. White, the visiting captain, won the toss, and chose to play against a strong wind (which we think was not a wise thing to do, and it proved so on Saturday). At the advertised time for starting a blinding storm of hail fell, which delayed the start for some time. Stancombe started the game for the home team, and it was give and take for ten minutes, when Pearce and Hill, on the right, secured the ball and took it down the wing, got past the backs, and Humphries, rushing out, badly judged the ball and before he could get back to his post the ball was put through - "first blood" to Trowbridge. The play was of a give and take character up until half time, no further score having been made when the whistle sounded. About this time the wind had dropped to a calm and Old Sol showed himself right in the eyes of the visitors. The game was re-started by Bennett, and a rush up the ground was made by the visiting forwards. Shot after shot was made for quarter of an hour, when a shot from J. Thomas too effect (at least the referee said so). The game having re-started, Trowbridge took the ball down the field, but it was shot wide. From the kick out the Town took the ball down the field and from a bully in front of goal Jones scored. The latter portion of the game was all in favour of the visitors, several corner kicks being given, and Everett put them all well in front of goal, but nothing came of them. Stancombe, in kicking the ball against one of his own side, was responsible for the next goal, it rebounding between the uprights, and thus the third and last goal was scored. A few minutes after this the referee blew his whistle, and thus a fast and very pleasant game ended in a victory for the Town. For the losers, F.W. Stancombe played splendidly, and Bailey, in goal, was very good. The rest of the team all worked hard. For the winners, bar the goal keeper, they all played a good game. The following were the teams: Swindon Town - C. Humphries (goal); T. White (capt.) and H. Offer (backs); S. Thomas, G.Everett and F.Gibbs (half-backs); R.T. Horsington and J. Thomas (right wing); T. Bennett (centre); R.L. Jones and H. Thomas (left wing).  Trowbridge - C. Bailey (goal); F.W. Stancombe (capt.) and A. Hurn (backs); G.E. Snailum, F.W. Beaven and E. White (half-backs); L.W. Pearce and J.S. Hill (right wing); A.G. Stancombe (centre); F.M. Willis and J. Randall (left wing).